The herbal ingredients in Rumalaya Gel are very effective as it bears anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect which is proven to be effective in the treatment of Joint pain and back pain. It also useful to get rid of Arthritis of any sort, gives relief from Spondylosis and Gout. Himalaya Rumalaya herbal Gel from Himalaya Herbals is a proprietary herbal Ayurvedic formulation useful in for quick topical pain relief, joint mobility and analgesic action. In recent breaking news, conservative radio talk show host, Rush Limbaugh, was taken to a Hawaiian hospital. He was reportedly in serious condition suffering from chest pains which some suspect may be from a heart attack.

Chronic back pain is measured by duration ‘” pain that persists for more than 3 months is considered chronic. It is often progressive and the cause can be difficult to determine. By this time you should be seeking medical advice to address the problem. Conditions may include arthritis, disc disease, osteoporosis, or congenital abnormalities of the spine Take it Easy – Initially it’s best to rest in a comfortable position. Try lying flat on a firm surface with a cushion underneath your knees, or on your side with the pillow between your knees.

Depending on your condition, heat and ice can often be used together to combine their unique benefits in an ideal treatment solution. For example, if you suffer from chronic neck pain and stiffness you can apply heat to the area before engaging in exercise or activity. Heat increases range of motion and flexibility of the cervical spine to better prepare it for the activity to come. After exercise or activity you would then apply ice to the neck to limit pain and inflammation. Prevention is always the best approach, always be very conscious of your posture especially when you are sitting and standing plays a key role.

People who surf the internet for long periods of time are more at risk of developing lower back pain as well as neck pain and muscle spasm due to bad posture. It is common to lose track of time while sitting in front of the computer screen and people easily settle in the hunched stance whereby they slouch or lean towards their screen with no support for the back. The spine develops a bend due to prolonged periods of time in this stance and the stress exerted on the lower back leads to back pain and fatigue in the muscles due to inactivity.back pain relief

If you are using a branded product or equipment, see if the manufacturers have a list of therapists and salons that provide their products or treatment and make sure you are on it. Also, most of the beauty trade associations have websites that list their members. Ensure you have submitted your details as they are often mentioned in the national press. Boswellia is another natural remedy to lessen pain and inflammation without irritating the stomach. The cause of boswellia will be the gum of the tree in India. Boswellia is as well effective in getting rid of ulcerative colitis.

Back pain can be a minor ache caused by a weekend of throwing a baseball with your kids or it can be serious requiring MRIS, physical therapy, drugs and even surgery. Most people when they experience back pain wonder if it’s a muscle problem or nerve damage. Let’s look at the difference between muscle pain and nerve pain ? Of course if you wake up hurting the last thing on your mind is wondering whether the pain is caused by a muscle pull or nerve damage. However if you are like me and the pain persists you start worrying if it can be more than just a sore muscle.

Author of the book “Stretching” Bob Anderson writes that most back problems are caused by lack of abdominal strength, poor posture, inactivity and muscle tension and tightness. Back stretches can reduce back pain.Using an exercise ball as an office chair or for workouts can provide many benefits for your back. Exercise balls, also known as fitness balls, stability balls, ergonomic balls and Swiss balls, can promote good posture and core muscle strength, writes Mayo Clinic physician Edward Laskowski. Moving around on an exercise ball can help reduce back pain caused by prolonged sitting.

Tethered cord syndrome is a rare progressive disorder. It results from tissue attachments that limit spinal cord movement within the spinal column. An example is spina bifida, a birth defect in which the spinal cord has not separated from the skin of the back during fetal development. Other types of tethered spinal cord syndrome also occur. Degenerative cervical disc disease is a condition and not a disease. While it is small consolation to individuals suffering from the pain and debilitation of degenerative disc disease, the condition improves over time. Pain management, proper body mechanics, physical therapy and appropriate self-care measures make coping during recovery from degenerative cervical disc disease manageable.